Supplement Shop is the premier Supplement distributor in Sri Lanka. It was founded in 2008 and since then it has grown into a leading importer and distributor of  sports and health Supplements. We pride ourselves on being the official distributor of the world’s top supplement brands such: Optimum Nutrition, BSN, Dymatize,, Inner Armour, Muscle Tech, Nutrex, Prolab, Universal, Now Foods, and BPI

In 2008, Supplement Shop was inspired to introduce sport supplements to the Sri Lanka market to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts reach their maximum athletic performance. We at  Supplement Shop have worked very hard to increase awareness among athletes on how nutritional supplements play vital role in sports and health in general.

As part of our commitment to the sport of bodybuilding and elite athletes in general.  Supplement Shop sponsors a selected group of bodybuilders, personal trainers and fitness athletes who compete and educate other on the beneficial use of nutritional supplements to achieve their training, performance and physique goals

At Supplement Shop we aspire to be the undisputed king of supplement distribution in Sri Lanka

We are here to help you for better nutritional supplements with an unparalleled superior service

We put up for sale not just supplements and vitamins, but whole range of fitness accessories all at low prices! We are here to help you speed up the progress of your fitness goals.

Our extensive range includes: Whey Protein, Amino, Creatine ,Weight Gainers, Mass Gainers,Energy and Recovery, Fat and Weight Loss, Lean Muscle, Strength and Mass.

All these can be purchased from our exclusive outlets located at Nugegoda and Galle